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Our Story.

Our menu is inspired by the incredible regional diversity found in Mexican cuisine, from the delicious ceviche dishes from the Pacific coast to slow-smoked barbacoa synonymous with Hidalgo in central Mexico. Our taqueria showcases traditional street food classics and exciting new creations from the creative mind of chef Daniel Vargas.
Main dishes are designed to be shared and showcase Mexico's amazing ingredients and vibrant flavours. And as for desserts, just make sure you’ve left some space because FOMO is a b*tch!

Peeled Corn

the food. The drinks.

 Chingon is a window into the vibrant flavours and colours of Mexican gastronomy. Head Chef, Daniel Vargas, a Mexico City native, grew up making Tacos in his brother's taqueria. His menu combines regional dishes, delivered with authenticity, using the finest Mexican and British ingredients.

There is no less love shown to the drinks at Chingon, with an extensive list of Mezcals and Tequilas, and delicious margaritas including Hibiscus and the mezcal and pineapple infused ‘Lalitos’. There are also traditional refreshments including Mexican beers, Micheladas (beer cocktails) and thirst-quenching Frescas.

Image by Ahtziri Lagarde
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